Battle Ready Part 3

Battle Ready Part 3

The Eternal will fight on your behalf while you watch in silence.-Ex. 14:14(The Voice)

One of the greatest expressions of faith in the heat of spiritual battle is silence. It may seem counterintuitive in the context of what war looks like, bloody and loud! But, we have learned that God’s ways often stand in stark contrast to ours. Stillness is an ancient secret weapon that unnerves the enemy for it eerily signifies the onset of his impending doom. The enemy expects us to work ourselves into a frenzied state of exhaustion through all the prescribed methods of spiritual warfare. For surely, the louder and more animated we are the more likely it is that God will finally hear our cry and get us out of this mess! The truth is your Savior is already activating your plan of deliverance, but maybe this time around no viable activity on your part is needed. Maybe this time, fasting, decreeing, and loud praise is not the strategy. They are all legitimate spiritual actions when required, but perhaps this time they are not. God wants you to believe in him, not your method. Is it possible he may want you to experience full-blown grace? To just take a seat in the stands, shut your mouth and do nothing? Sometimes resting still, to be silent at his command requires a great amount of faith. Being silent can actually feel more strenuous than marching around your sanctuary waving flags and energetically declaring scriptures! It takes a good deal of discipline to keep the enemy’s voice in lockdown, you know the one that insists you are not doing enough? Can you imagine the children of Israel, on the precipice of the Red Sea being told to just stand there? Can you imagine marching around a city for 7 days without talking? They submitted to a divinely orchestrated strategy designed to show them just how good and powerful their God was. In his own hour of enduring the afflictions of a godly life, Jeremiah proclaimed “The Lord is with me like a mighty warrior”. Remember today that you, too, are not alone left to your own devices to make the devil back off. Jesus, King of Glory, a mighty warrior is standing with you. Be still and stand silently in awe of how he will come to rescue you.

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