Bringing Light To Our Dark World

Bringing Light To Our Dark World

Learn what it means to do what is good by seeking righteousness and justice! Rescue the oppressed. Uphold the rights of the fatherless and defend the widows cause. – Isaiah 1:17(TPT)

The concept of justice is powerfully interwoven throughout the many bible narratives which describe man’s relationship to God, his neighbor, and even creation. As Christians we have a moral obligation to pursue justice in the same tradition spoken of by the law and the prophets. Jesus did just that, executing God’s righteousness, which in the simplest of terms meant making right what the Father said was wrong. Advocating for the the poor and marginalized is indeed a noble and spiritual cause, however, the way in which we seek to bring about justice is just as important as our sincere pursuit of it. Here is where we discern a visible distinction between the look and feel of biblical justice verses our current cultural expression of social justice. The end goals may be similarly virtuous, but the means and methods of achieving those goals can be so disconnected from the revealed righteousness of God, that ultimately more injustice ensues. Through the lens of a Christian worldview, all injustice is rooted in sin. Jesus Christ is the answer to the sin problem. His transformation of the human heart is foundational to the forgiveness and redemptive love necessary to make things right in our world. The root of sin will always produce the fruit of injustice and must have the axe laid to it to rightfully achieve the justice God seeks. Conversely, certain modern movements of social justice thrive on the demonization of others harnessing human anger to exact punishment on those they deem responsible for their pain.. Any justice cause motivated by unbridled anger and hatred for others will never bring about the goodness and righteousness of God. Sin begets more sin and sadly, the cycle of injustice is perpetuated. Biblical justice brings light into our dark world. Justice and truth are in fact the very foundation of God’s throne! My prayer is that the Great Awakening we are all yearning for will be God himself moving through his people by his Spirit, making all things right that are just plain wrong with our world. His way is always better!

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