Speak Boldly

Speak Boldly

And he went into the synagogue and for three months spoke boldly, persuading and arguing and pleading about the kingdom of God. -Acts 19:8(AMPC)

When we approach certain subjects regarding the expression of our faith, many believers take an either/or approach. The prevailing attitude especially amongst Charismatic believers is that reasoning with people about the gospel is not as effective as demonstrating the power of God through the gifts. However, when searching through the Book of Acts one discovers at least seven strong examples of the Apostle Paul using reason to persuade unbelievers. Yes, his ministry was confirmed with signs and wonders, but Holy Spirit also graced him with phenomenal gifts of oral persuasion. We will never be able to fully impact a secular humanist culture without being able to intelligently. Boldly and powerfully articulate why we believe what we believe. A Christian worldview no longer dominates the public square, nor the fabric of our culture . An entire generation have now had their minds marinated in philosophies and various worldviews that stand in stark contrast to the claims of the scripture . Paul, was powerfully equipped to dismantle all arguments against the existence of God through anointed thought. Ours should not be an either/or approach. We can employ both the power gifts of the Spirit and the mind of Christ to reach our world. What made Paul so effective was not only his boldness, but the possession of a worldview fully grounded in the scriptures. Paul might have been small in stature, but his mind was magnificent. He knew his stuff. His knowledge of the scriptures made him a formidable force for any philosopher of his day. Sound-bite preaching and spiritual buzzwords cannot match the strength of the strongholds that currently formulate the existing mindsets in our culture. But the dynamic duo of the Word and the Spirit combined are more than sufficient to tear them down and bring many into the glorious liberty of the Kingdom of God. Both are needed now more than ever.

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