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Kathy Bichsel


In the late 1970s, Kathy Bichsel met Jesus Christ at a Fellowship for Christian Athlete’s Bible study. Soon after, at a Jesus rally in the woods of Pennsylvania, she had a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit. Forever transformed by her Savior and the power of His fiery baptism, Kathy received her call into the ministry at a local church service during her college years. While attending church one Sunday morning, a visiting evangelist, Rev. Richard Myers called her out from the crowd and prophetically confirmed what she suspected in her heart – she was called to the five-fold ministry and uniquely, a ministry that would apostolically operate. She graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1984 with a burning passion to see the “glory of God cover the earth as the waters cover the sea” and awaken the Church to its true power and influence on the earth.

Early Ministry

Kathy’s teaching, preaching and healing ministry brought the power of God and His Word to thousands in the United States in pastors and women’s conferences, church services and home groups across denominations. From its beginning, a core value of the ministry has been to respect every expression of Christ’s church in the earth. Believing there is one river but many streams, Kathy promotes mutual honor and unity among ministry leaders. As a result, she ministers in all kinds of churches.

From a House of Hope to Hope for the Nations

In her prayer time one night in 1997, Kathy heard the Lord’s voice command, “Build Me a house of hope.” In 1998, Kathy pioneered House of Hope Bible Church in Central New Jersey. In 2008, the Lord expanded the congregations’ vision and hope for the nations to experience the blessing of a dynamic relationship with God and the joy of His worship. The church transitioned in name and purpose to “Hope for the Nations Worship Center.” Ministry opportunities opened in India, Uganda and South Africa. Through a series of supernatural events, Kathy planted the seeds for Joseph’s House, a boarding school for orphans in Kampala, Uganda.

Kathy Bichsel Ministries

In 2012, sensing a new season of ministry emerging, Kathy launched Kathy Bichsel Ministries, dedicating herself to awakening the nations to the knowledge of His glory. Through revelatory teaching and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit, the Lord “fans the flames” of His presence and desire for Him within the hearts of believers. She delights as the Lord activates, encourages and releases believers into their spiritual gifts and personal destiny through her ministry.

In her book “Radical Rising Remnant” published in 2013 through her company New Gate Media, Kathy shares God’s vision for the only way to live a Christian life - sold-out, radical and ready. In her Beautiful LifeTV and Kingdom Life media outreaches, listeners are inspired, fed and filled with the knowledge and skill to live a victorious life that draws all men to Christ.

Kathy and her husband Mike live in New Jersey and have two grown children, Alexa and Max.


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