Prospering in Persecution

Prospering in Persecution

I Peter 4:14(TLB)

Be happy if you are cursed and insulted for being a Christian, for when that happens the Spirit of God will come upon you with great glory.

In light of the ramped up cultural opposition to the biblical beliefs held by a vast majority of Christians in America, it will serve us well to take a peak back in history. The early church was able to flourish under some of the most tyrannical persecution. Just as the world hated and rejected their Lord, it hated and rejected them. However,  the very world that hated them, they proceeded to joyfully  “turn upside down”.  Their boldness in communicating the gospel in its fullness, coupled with their blatant aversion to the fear of death, unleashed an unstoppable movement that is still captivating the nations today.
Now is not the time to compromise our beliefs for fear of rejection from our family or friends.  When we look back in time, we discover that the early Christians lived among people who not only held sharply different beliefs, but demanded the worship of their Roman deities.  Our current ‘cancel culture” is child’s play compared to the brutal deaths they endured refusing to say “Caesar is Lord”. They encountered a considerable degree of social, economic and political challenges much like those we face in our modern world, yet their ministry results were remarkable. We are still rehearsing their exploits today.
But here’s the most important thing we glean from the past. They, nor we, are left alone in our afflictions. Our God has always been and always will be a very powerful present help in trouble.  He is the courageous deliverer of his people from the jaws of their haters.  His promise is more and greater glory upon us as we persevere with great love, and fearlessly proclaim his story.

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